Well the title kind of speaks for itself right?  you might have thought of something else or the exactly same thing; and hey it brought you here and you could also feel the same way I feel about these things that I’m going to share. I’m not an expert in any way but I have opinions.

LGBTQ+ People since then, have been fighting for this for a long time and that ‘this’ is called Pride, Love is really love and if you can’t accept that then maybe you haven’t felt the way that these people have. Being closed out from the word Love and being taught that to love someone of the same gender and being who you really are was a disgusting and stupid thing, but that’s stupid itself; being scared to tell people whom you care about who you really are and feel about this, and being called out with the use homophobic slurs every time when people who shouldn’t really even give a damn notice that something queer has/had happened. These people were in the dark and from now on till society has completely accepted them they can all walk in the light with the power of love (that Céline Dion reference). 🏳️‍🌈 Also it’s never going to be a phase 😛

But I cannot say much for the people who have said these because they were told to; their values were taught by the people who had also been taught the same thing and this goes on back. (their parent’s parents so on so forth) But people can still change and unlearn their bigotry towards these people you know, make the world a better place? what schools taught us to be nice to people and accept them for who they are? (ACCEPTING EVERYONE).

A lot has happened through the years (don’t know when change actually started) but you can see how society has changed we progressed (YaY!) and the world need to continue with that, also remember that one survivor episode when someone was outed and they all accepted him? in their setting “no man is an island” everyone has to stick and help each other for survival and being a douche will never help you. Also that one ‘Friends’ episode where Carol and Susan got married and when Ross just had to accept it? He eventually came to terms with it and gradually accepted his ex-wife over the following seasons(they became friends too). It may not have been quick but the point there is to at least try to make an effort accept them for who they are and who they love. Enough referencing I made my option there.

Some people think that anxiety or depression is just like being sad (which is not!). Either together with the LGBTQ+ thing or separately Anxiety makes things like making decisions hard; it is overwhelming at times like thinking of every possible situation and blowing that to be bigger than what you’ve thought which almost never happens. And Depression makes people feel dejected and unwanted even though there are people there who care about him/her. Things like this develop overtime and it traps them in a cloud of thoughts that could potentially hinder one’s personal development of happiness with themselves or with others. Everyone is different and they experience different kinds of anxieties but I’d like to say that there is no shame in getting help when you actually need it, having someone who cares about you listen could help. There are also others ways to help when can’t handle being around people; breathing exercise usually help. (Breath in … Breath out … now do that until you can think clearly enough) Your hobbies would usually help you feel calm, (singing your heart out, dancing like no ones really watching, reading, writing? etc.) I myself also get anxiety and might feel depressed I personally use a few apps called Headspace and Calm (Not Sponsored) they offer in app purchases but they give a starter pack. Headspace (10 day basic meditation) Calm (7 day meditation) and you could repeat those any day cause they’re free (Really though, not sponsored).

beds feel comfortable! Anyway thanks for reading a quite lengthy post, It made feel tired so I’ma just lay on that bed which you just saw above all these text…


What do you think of the things that I had  said? what’s your opinion on this? anyway thanks for reading hope you have a nice day!



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