Yes, I wrote that and you’ve read this; so it’s about a coffee shop ☕️

I was in a little bit of a rush to go home but I’m not going to pass up the chance again to at least look at the coffee shop I keep on passing  by when we go to Nuvali. Sooo somehow, I kind of convinced of my friends to go here last-minute and it really payed off (for me anyway). So just look at the pictures that I took!


Before you enter you’ll see a bike (the same like what you’d see in Amsterdam) with flowers (which were fake but beautiful) then beside that is the entrance ➡


When you look up, bird cages filled with fake plants are hanging from the ceiling ➡


Then looking down you’ll see a couple of tables and sofas which look comfy, the wall on the left has a fake book shelve (sorry book lovers) and bunch of quotes and a mounted white bike ➡


Here’s a closer look of the bike and signs, ➡


Vintage lighting which makes it a little more cozy ➡


A lot of faux plants in small nice vases and also another mounted bike on the wall ➡


Then the counter where I ordered a cheeky latte to go cause I was indeed, in a rush to go back home.



From the cozy look to the fresh smell of roasted coffee beans, I would go back and actually try to relax and give myself time to enjoy and look at the decorations and feel ambience they set up there.

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