I’ve learned something ‘new’ about you, something very few know. I thought I really knew you, I guess I was wrong; but it did me give more depth and interest to know who you really are.

A couple of days a ago we actually had the time to talk, at least for some time. It never started with ‘that’ topic, because all we actually did was just a catch up thing, how are you’s and sharing of some problems happened. You’ve trusted me enough (not to say that there wasn’t any before.) that you’ve told me something only very few people have known, and it’s that you’re sick (mentally) which we all know that; saying something that takes up a lot of courage and it usually ends up on the receiver to of course understand the person being one of those they cared about and think of them as someone special.

You told me what it was, “It’s called BPD” Borderline Personality Disorder. The definition of N.I.M.H states that “BPD is a serious mental disorder marked by a pattern of ongoing instability in moods, behavior, self-image, and functioning.” 

Mental health experts say that it’s Borderline, but I think that’s just a bit too extreme to name a mental health disease that (anyway that’s my opinion on the name). We dove more on what you felt and honestly I had no idea, you were in pain every time and you still o fashioned on a smile. But with a little help from medication that was still possible.

We ate out the day after, I was happy because A.) You’re rarely allowed to hang out with friends outside school and B.) I think one of your parents hate me maybe that’s why we don’t hang out. I told you that “I want to know more of you, without the medication because being your best friend means accepting you no matter what, through better or worse and not to sound like I’m marrying you, which would be a NO for me but really as a friend.” but that’ll be for that person to decide.



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