The usual blog post should’ve come up by now, this was actually supposed to be a weekly thing…

I’ve been quite busy this month to be honest… with all these projects and deadlines I’ve barely had the time to write anything at all. So much has happened though, maybe too little or maybe too much. All I think as of now, is getting cold brew and something sweet or savoury  to eat… ( but for now, i’m just gonna settle for a cup of coffee… )

So, the last thing I posted was “Catch up” and that was like what? A month ago? Specifically July the 23rd. I would recommend reading it (plug). It also it shares a small insight with B.P.D , and to know what that means; you better read that post.

Okay let’s go with what the post is actually about,


in then out…


It’s a basic human action, but sometimes we tend to forget to do it. It’d be nice to be reminded every now and then, and with what’s been happening lately; it just seems like a good idea.

But why would we forget to breath? it’s like the reason why we’re still alive right? ( aside from eating, sleeping; the usual… ) I mean that in a more mental health-ish and or emotional kind of way. As an example when we get anxious we feel stressed, nervous, uneasy and this list just goes on and on; we forget to do one things we’re always being told whenever we feel this way. Breathe. Look at this from a distance and see what you can actually do in the situation; then create clear decision to fix the problem.

We get carried away almost everyday and barely give ourselves enough time to relax, and no not in way that includes phones or tv in background; I mean this in a way where give ourselves at least a few minutes during any part of the day to acknowledge how we feel, be it elation, sadness  or any other emotion; giving it notice make us appreciate it. ( if we’re happy, and think if were sad ) Though it may just be a few minutes I would think that it would a big enough step to take care of our mental health.

To anyone who might be having problems right now, stay strong you; will find an answer to them…




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