The room engulfed in darkness was left to only to be illuminated by the lights of the passing cars and streetlights of the city. On and off as one of the streetlights from outside flicker into it’s almost ending stages in its cycle. With the temperature down to the lowest it can be;

I shuffle along to the closet to find something cosy to wear; anything oversized would be great much like a sweater; only to find out that the only clean one left was the one that your ex-“friend” gave on a Kris Kringle exchange. I shrug with idea as I wore it, as reminds of the times we had. But with nothing else left, I wear it; shivers send down to my spine and I wonder why? was it the awkward moment of realization or disgusting fact that I let myself stoop so low just to be their friend?

I go back to bed and open up my laptop, the bright light from it lit up the room making see more of what I’d rather not see; the mess in the room. I look around only to be reminded to clean up not just my room but also my life. But the twist you’d see in my room is that you’d think the room’s clean from the outside, let’s just see when you try to take a look on the inside.