An Overhaul

 It’s been a very inactive couple of months, I’ve had some time to think. Stuff went over these past months and I’ve barely had anytime to write, but in a sense that would require me to actually sit down and make something that I would actually like rather than just fill up quota and not like what I had done.

I had to check things out as a whole, see what I can do; To take apart, examine and repair if necessary. So I’m starting over again. Let’s start from the beginning.

To start things off, posting weekly starting Friday would be a good idea; blog posts will be coming your way. Nothing TOO MUCH or noting too little but something, this’ll be the first post in a while and probably not the last for a long time (hopefully).

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 6.12.47 PM

The idea of having a set theme came to me very late in the game, having already posted some stuff made me think of deleting of them (or maybe some rewrites?). Right now, the posts are in private and maybe in works of revision (or not). Some may have seen them and some may haven’t; you had either been here for a while or just now  ( in that case I’d like to welcome you to this here blog, read Introductory for starters and then Breather. It might seem off, because almost all of my posts are interconnected; a story that makes sense only when all the pieces are put in place. It’ll all make sense soon enough when better words are put to place.

In and out, ideas come and go. I had no good or definite foundation to really start writing; but I had ideas (good ones), but they would suddenly become unfit for the blog… overtime I gradually became conscious with my words and with that, creativity slowly went down the drain. It felt like what I did wasn’t good enough like it needed to fit in with this standard that was set very high for me and when it did look good for once, my mind would immediately go into a state of rejection and immediately delete the post. I don’t know why I do it, it just felt like I had to or all these thoughts of it not doing so well and nobody getting the point of what I say.  I had spent hours, days trying to make these and then suddenly it just felt like crap which I never want feel for anything that I do.  (and this happens to me A LOT).

By the way the new and improved collections will be posted at the end of the month. A brand new format will be made in order to make each collection a discovery section for any one who’d like to check the home page.