It’s almost Christmas, a time when all sorts of holiday jams are played almost 24/7; Mariah Carey blasting through the speakers and funny out of tune voices sing All I Want for Christmas is Yooouuu! (Mariah Carey suddenly enters your mind just for that sentence) A lot of people, rushing into malls and finding that special someone that one thing you’ve heard them say that they liked. Ahhh Christmas time, one of the brokest times of the year…B.D.A means: Before, During and After..

My class had a christmas party just last week (and a couple of days ago), all the merry of gift giving and Christmas cheers were well heard; things started to get better that day because I had patched things with someone whom I am still very close to up to-this day (Yay). Everyone was having really having good time, knowing that after three weeks of hell from one of the biggest term projects of the semester had ended (and it also being a huge success) we were finally getting the break we deserve…

I brought an instant camera for the occasion, memories like these should be remembered, with a retro kind of remembrance. As a gif for the party, I had asked my friends to buy me film; because 1.) It’s better that making them guess what I want 2.) I knew that buying one pack isn’t going to cut it and 3.) It just seemed useful… (I only bought one because it’d be expensive if I bought a lot, it had saved me money though haha)

Let’s just say I’m glad that they did because; I quickly ran out film haha, I took A LOT of pictures but I had to give some of them away only because “I forgot to buy” (and by that I mean I ran out from the budget).

Here are some of the pictures that I had taken during the party:


The instant camera I used for this was the fuji film instax mini 8 this model has a variety of different colours and designs (some are branded). They all take the same sized picture but you can also buy different kinds of film for unique designs and types of pictures.


The party only lasted for half the day because the school had this outreach program that helps children from public schools celebrate and experience Christmas parties. The program itself was fun but the weather didn’t cooperate with us, so still on a gloomy Monday afternoon the outreach took place. I didn’t get to play much with the kids at all because I was on the filming team. The one thing every filmmaker needs and has to have on the job is a camera; which I forgot (soo me). That means I had to use my phone for every shot only until my battery died which made things a little stressful so I had to use at-least 4 -5 other phones to record shots and carry on the project. HOPEFULLY they didn’t delete the videos on their phones.

The gifts were pretty great ESPECIALLY the french press, like for real though when I was given this I kind of like made a high-pitched squeal of happiness and EVERYONE looked at me thinking I was crazy only because it was JUST a press; also another fact about me, I absolutely LOVE coffee and I’ve been trying to get on the make it at home game for a while now; just didn’t have the money to buy the pot. Now the only thing left to buy are just the beans (what a segway to coffee) but I did get to use my gifts to use already (the film). I got a pair of socks that matched my personality, really really my kind of socks.

This might be the blog post of The Before, During and After Christmas Special, I hope everyone’s Christmas is filled with the feeling of happiness of the season and with the upcoming New Year; Let’s all make what’s left with 2017 and make turn the year around before it ends!

x Happy Holidays! x



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