New Year’s Day

A LOT and I don’t even know how to emphasise it more but really A lot has happened this year, some of the highest highs and lowest points have been felt. Every experience can’t be as big and or as meaningful as some; they change overtime and leave us with what I think are one of the two: Life lessons to be remembered when growing up and cherished memories that would be remembered fondly as time goes one.

We have endured with what had happened this year, and we know for ourselves that we aren’t the same person as we were before; we’re a better version of them.

If I were to look back with all that has happened throughout the year, I would want nothing more than let 2017 manifest into a person and beat the living hell out it. Cause I’ve had some really rough times and reached very low points I didn’t know I even had, You gave me such a hard time that they will forever be remembered by me as one of the most humiliating experiences in my life (so far) I have yet to see what will happen in the following years I do not plan on looking like an idiot unless it is for science! (just a cover up rather than just saying stupid ahahaha)

But you know, aside from all the shitty things that had happened to me; in the end I would like to give 2017 a well deserved hug as well; I’ve met some amazing people this year, made good friends with them, got to save a few friendships and I got out of my comfort zone at least a little. Me before wouldn’t do anything of the sort before, but now something are finally happening in life that I’ve been just putting for the longest.

Here are 5 different highlights of my year in 2017

(not in particular order)

1.) I had patched things up with my best friend


Ending the year with losing someone you’re close to is pretty rough, and that almost happened with my best friend; we were on and off for quite some time and with only a few days till Christmas break time on that door was slowly closing. Two days left I went on to meet them and talk, we made up; just like nothing happened we spent the Christmas break party hanging out, catching up with each other and still doing what we would’ve usually done without any awkward silence

2.) I continued Blogging


The truth is, during those past few months of inactivity; I almost decided to quit blogging.  I caved to the idea that my ideas weren’t as good as the others and only who people have a knack stuff should only write. I had to battle with standards that I had set myself with and they were high af; I couldn’t keep with it and that kept me from ever finishing and or posting any of them. But one thing did come to my mind; it was the idea that everyone’s content has their own touch of uniqueness to it. I shouldn’t be scared to put my stuff out there because overtime I’ll improve and with that I continued what I’m doing today.

3.)  I learned how to play the ukulele and guitar

Something before 2017 actually started but I have gotten better at it since then! we bought one while we were on vacation it was a cheap one but it still sounded great. And I  finally got the new strings on my guitar so I could start practicing again hopefully be better than I am now soon… Hopefully I could be able to write a songs and try to sing how I actually feel hahaha maybe I should sing covers too huh?

4.) Progression with making peace with the past


The past does come back to haunt sometimes, and gets to me; but doesn’t everyone feel the same? that’s why making peace with will only make our lives better knowing that whats happened has happened. Their called mistakes and that’s okay because that’s what makes us more human and memories to be remembered we have or had learned from them so we will never make the same mistakes again, I’m still battle with coming to terms with it but someday I’ll come to that point and remember everything as something that has shaped me into the person who I am today.

5.) I admitted to someone I like them

Everyone knows the feeling, of telling someone you like them; that feeling surges through my veins making my heart beat very fast, making me over think and probably say something stupid, that’s what I am when I see my crush.  Well I just did that exactly 1 minute till New Year’s Day which was really risky. Because I’m not actually close with the person and we rarely get to talking ever so I have yet to see the results of this when I come back to class soon enough, I lost the original message when I had constructed it with a friend (you know? for reassurance) and I had to make a new one just minutes before the time; I STILL DID IT, it may not be as good as the original but at least the idea was there. Results to be determined.


What a closer to the year 2017 huh? so much has happened and I couldn’t be more thankful because this year has shaped me, brought me through the worst of times and rewarded me with one of the best ones.

This year I plan to achieve more of the goals I have set for myself, change for the better physically and mentally, I have to push out of my comfort zone and stop doubting myself more this time, make more things happen this year.

So guys, this is the last post for 2017 and the first post for 2017 and with that I would want with everyone A Very Happy New Year’s

Another Day Comes With New Opportunities

 – Ian


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