It is when I fall for someone I am most destructive,

Not to him or her per say but to me the most;

Hitting myself too much for falling to hard.

Especially when I fell for the chance that I thought that there was a possibility.


I should have gotten used to this,

Falling in love and then out, then in and out again.

I kept cutting myself from picking up all the broken pieces of myself;

So Just keep telling yourself, that the pain makes you happy.

I’m always at a disadvantage 

How Am I hurt over and over

Is it because I let myself?

Or is it just because I just love the pain too much that making me happy would actually hurt me more.

That The only thing I could do now is smile, and hope for the best for you two.

1, 2, 3, breathe; in and out

I close my eyes and it’s dark.

I stand here, with you near my presence.

I am absent to everything in this world except you.

Then you see your special someone, looking at you with such delight;

And You feel happy knowing that the both of you feel the same way.

You sing songs about the person,

In hopes that you’ll hide the pain;

You feel your body in hopes for finding yourself in the void.

But what you actually feel is the intense darkness that has been there for a long time.

It’s only just almost everyday that I see you,

when I think or should I say had thought; that I may have actually moved on from you. 

I have been proven wrong.


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