Written days after Valentine’s Day meant for my Valentine 


Caved to what he thought they can be,

with something that pulls along the corner;

was the doubt that he never wanted to see

to entertain and that will contain.


Who fell through the cracks of misdemeanours and love;

where he thought being someone he can’t be, helped.

That what he wanted was to be someone; who was  someone else as well.


Drowned high in thoughts

a dose of reality could send him through chaos;

in the mind of a lovesick boy.


Hoped for the best to make him happy,

where he could’ve found it in someone else.

Only to be left alone,

for someone else.


“Wants to feel content again”


“How are you going to be that sure

that it’s going to be okay?”

the sad boy asked

I don’t know how to feel yet


The sickly sweet tunes played along on this ukulele

are played by the lovesick boy who had fallen

into the hands of the hands of someone else.


Only till then will he break, that he’ll just give up

trying, to believe; that love like this ever exists

for a little love-sick boy.


Where then he swam in a sea of make-believe