It took me a while to realize something that they were clearly right about…

Maybe they were right, to say that maybe you weren’t for me… that I kept falling for someone who wouldn’t be able to get me; the way someone soon who did, would. I look at you from a distance and see how you truly act. As to say that what I felt might’ve made look so stupid and as of now, I finally see that YOU really are NOT for me. Something in me wanted us to be together so bad; but something else also told me that you weren’t the one, because the way you act makes me sick to my core.

I fell too hard for the wrong person.

And something that really made me feel better is that I could finally move on from you. Because you are the wrong person for me. You fall differently for the other and about what you did, says something about you.

I could careless about you think, because…

You are now irrelevant to me now. 

I think I know what I want now you know? A person who could get me the way I would get them, a give and take thing that would make both of us happy.

Not some childish person, who only seems to be good to the one you like. I was blind to the fact that you were just poison to me.

I have to be better than this you know? Because this kept me from being really happy.

Now that I’ve seen you with someone else, you seem to be better or a least might have been holding back to who you truly are.

Because even the prettiest flowers hurt, because of it’s the thorns. [c.p]