The Half Day Getaway

Where did your half day take you? Cause mine took me out to the beach. 

The video version of the post : A Beach(Half)Day

This wasn’t actually the initial plan or the actual to begin with at all, it just sorta became the new plan when the second plan also didn’t fall through. I didn’t expect that it would turn out like this, but somehow in the end we all seemed to have fun.


Summer’s here but, the way we’re spending it in our school are for practices; for two esteemed events planned for two months left of the whole school year (Parent’s Night and of course the batch’s moving up ceremony). We just got from the weekend, after finals and some a little of completion (of requirements). Monday just so happens to be a half day that day because of a faculty event, which was okay because no one really wanted to go to class especially of they knew that there was nothing to do at all. Three weeks ago to finals were the most stressed the batch was ever been, it would’ve been nice to just spend the day at home but alas; attendance was a must.

Since it was a half day I was pretty sure that almost everyone and I mean EVERYONE must have a plan with either themselves or their friend group on how to spend the rest of the day after class. There comes in the first plan my friend set up, she said that if I was ever free that we’d go out with a couple of friends and spent the day at a good food park; have a good boodle fight or something. But the only thing was, it wasn’t fully open untill 3 which was like an after class thing so the idea didn’t fall through. Though that didn’t stop us from making another plan while we were eating out.

The first plan was to go hiking at a “nearby” mountain (and by nearby I meant within the state nearby,). It was set and we went off, we commuted of a jeep which was quite costly; I’ve never been there before so I wasn’t ready. Reaching the destination took quite some time and we had to take another ride, because the first one only took us for half of the journey. Finally arriving at the said destination; we were told there were things that we had to pay for as well; but were short on cash so that plan was a bust. But since we were near to the beach, the next thing to do was to just at least visit the beach; relax by the beach and take a couple of pictures of the golden hour.


We got to the beach with some time to spare and spent the time relaxing by the waves, got to talk for a bit; catch up with a couple of stories and took pictures by the lighthouse as well…


I’ve also been trying this orange theme thing since it does look right for the season (possibly). After a small sesh with the camera, we finally had the chance to at least sit and relax listen to music by the rolling waves…


A couple of hours later and it was cloudy soon enough they were also covering up sun so The Golden Hour thing was flop, but we were still able to have fun; here’s a snap I took of a friend of mine.


It was nice being away from the city, it’s just soo calm and quite that maybe sometime soon I might even go back alone; when I’m fully familiar at least.

There was also one thing, we ended up swimming on impulse; the water was damn cold but clear so having being soaked in salt water wasn’t at all bad. It was already getting dark so we had to go home, the good thing was that I still had the school clothes a wore earlier that day so I has something to wear back when I go home.