The title kind of seems depressing right? that’s because we’re taught by others that having alone time or being by yourself in general makes you a ‘loner’. which never seems to be true, I do enjoy the company of others but it wouldn’t really hurt to just spend some time alone and to think about […]

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We all have that one person who everyone just, ugh why? (anyone?) Guess it’s just me… or maybe not? What happened between us, I can’t seem to move on from. and what we are now; just makes me feel a little more rubbish. We don’t exactly click but we have the same interests so not […]

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The Relapse

A little bit was left from all that was broken, sitting there just waiting to be found. There’re going to be decisions which in the end, will make you regret you ever doing that let alone thinking of that idea saying that it was going to be a good idea. This can also mean when […]

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