An Open Letter to Myself

I’ve been feeling down lately and I wanted to see if writing to myself would make me possibly feel better, because you want to say some things to yourself that you’re just going to have to come back to every now and then that reminds yourself on why you’re doing this and who you’re doing this for. everyone else can read this and think that maybe writing this, then reading it might also be one way of telling yourself that you need to take better care of ourselves.

Dear Me,

You are a work in progress and I’m proud of that; because you are trying. You may not do the best but at least you’re doing something than nothing, whether it’s you cleaning your room or taking a shower or eating a meal. I’m happy for you, that you finally decided to take care of yourself and not let others do the job for you, that you think that taking yourself isn’t selfish but forward move towards self-love.

And that you pursue your hobbies; not to impress someone else but to do it because it makes you happy and how there things that only You can understand.  When you go out alone, it doesn’t mean you’re a loner, but actually means that you like to take things at your own pace and not follow the crowd at times. I’m happy see that you decided to put your happiness as one of your priorities in life aside from doing that to others. How you take care of yourself mentally, teaching yourself that the past is the past and that you have to look for a brighter future ahead of yourself. Though right now you might think that this is the worst, and that it’ll never get better. But don’t fret about it because you’re going to get over this, and make it thought another day.

Set backs don’t mean that you’re failing, only that the lesson there teaches us to not do it again; but if it may seem unavoidable at least do it less. Or when someone you like or to use the word love doesn’t feel the same way means that someone else will be coming, to let us know what love really is in our own world. And to the person who you’re just breaking up with means that you’re a step further to finding the right one. Where you see that the past can’t hurt you anymore; and that we should be open to new possibilities in life and not be ashamed to ask help every now in then in life.

That who we are isn’t the problem, and how we label ourselves does that sometimes; how we call ourselves stupid, fat or even worthless. When we have not achieved the plans we made on time doesn’t mean we failed at them but to show that there are things in life that are just out of our control.

When what I think actually matters, and that no stranger can ever fully judge me without knowing who I really am; but sometimes also accept constructive criticism from either friends family or loved ones for the better and also because these are also the ones who know you for who you really are.

Right now the best for you to do is to move on / forward, because looking back won’t help anymore, and it won’t make them like you and it won’t bring back the chance to make that someone like you back. You’ve hurt yourself in more ways than you could and now it’d be the time to get off this slump and make something with all the time you’ve finally been given.  Get a move on them projects and meet those deadlines, put a little bit more juice to your creative side and make what you love a way into living a life you actually want to live.

To find new reasons to live and love, see the kinds people who would be and or are willing to do the same and follow on this adventure with you in life . I wouldn’t expect you to get there immediately but taking a step closer to that seems better than not doing anything at all right? You’ve been good lately but getting hit with a relapse did not mean you’ve failed. But actually means that you’ve starting to care less about this and finally  moving on with your life. you’re going to wake up with amazing opportunities ahead so you’re going to chin up and, make life your bitch!


Any ways, I hope that this has helped you as much as this has helped me when I wrote it and read it for these reasons: 1.) spelling checks and wrong grammar and 2.) To actually help myself feel better.