February has been one of the most stressful months yet, and it’s only just the beginning of the year. I have yet to see what these ten months left have in store for me and with that, I give you the February Collection.


~ February Collection ~



Favourite Post:

I guess a post schedule won’t do with what’s been happening lately, only TWO posts were made during this month, one happy and one sad, made before hand where I felt like shit and one sad one where love might not just be for me. But the post that made me feel better was An Open Letter to Myself. But that doesn’t mean that the other deserves any less attention, the other one was The Little Lovesick Boy. That post was supposed to published exactly at February the 14th; the post resonates my feelings of uncertainty and sadness.


I wrote this right after I got out of my a bad mood, because if I ever fall to feeling ever again; I would just read this as a basic reminder that I’m just human (in a sense where things get overwhelming and stressful). I recommend this to anyone who has the time to read it.

Photo Collections:

The time to take pictures were scarce, term projects were piling but just before all that happened it just so happened that while looking through some pictures from my camera roll I found these that were taken during the month.


This was a gift for a class thing, where pick someone at random and be their Feb Valentine. The person suggested flowers, but not just any flower SUNFLOWERS and they were very expensive! luckily I was able to reserve a bouquet with one for a reasonable price, because when it was the 14th the prices soared and it was a relief that I did what I did.


This actually hurts just a little, because this actually was never intentional. As much as it looks great (like a faded effect) these were supposed to pictures of me and friends, but at the moment my camera kind of broke every time I took a picture, the coloured ones were mine but the same thing happened to my best friend. But in the end I found I solution to fix the camera. I searched around online and the answer to just change the batteries of the camera which was great because I thought that I had to but a new one.


The last shot was supposed to be clear but seeing it came out blurry made it more appealing in a sense that the picture wasn’t supposed to be given more attention; the words were.


I a couple of musicians from YouTube that just are just like so chill… and that set my preference for the month of February. Pretty chill covers and movie soundtracks were pretty much my music highlight of the month:



His YouTube icon’s pretty cute, and the music is pretty chill, YouTube recommended me to listen Demons and I loved it. The original artist is Joji but I actually prefered his cover even more, he also covered Will He and So Much More Than This which just happened to be current fave for February (and currently March).

Olivia Ruby


On the way to stumbling onto new music I found her, her original song Talking to Ghosts worked well when I reread The Little Lovesick Boy I just couldn’t get off of it for a while and I revisit the song every now and then when I need inspiration for posts that need a little bit of a sad theme.

Conan Gray


A friend recommended me to him a while back but my taste in music then was not there yet until just now when I chose to listen to Lovesick Boys. Actually the post title “The Little Lovesick Boy” was from that song, I kind do want to make a cover of the song; but until then I gotta practice on my voice.



Chloe Moriondo

photoI found her with her popular cover of Radiohead, she posts indefinitely but recently I think she tries to post weekly this time, also her cover of You by Dodie really made me like her.





The Greatest Showman OST


After watching the movie I knew that I just had to save the entire album on my phone… The songs I really like are: Rewrite the Stars, This is Me, Never Enough, The Other Side, basically everything then hahaha.





A show where (I think it was set in the 2000’s?) where Sophia (Britt Robertson) tries prove to the world that she her shit together. I just now found out that the show was released last year (April 2017) and I just now have now watched. Anyone who HASN’T watched it should! because it just proves that with determination comes success and the fact that you don’t have to be in a relationship to be a succesful business woman/man.


The End of the Fucking World


Damn! This show just makes me want another season but with what happened just might not work out you know (that sounded a spoiler?) It just left me hanging like what would happen next, and somehow gave me slightly small issues with trusting people. I still would want another season, probably a continuation and really recommend everyone to watch.

The Greatest Showman


 I was so inspired after watching The Greatest Showman because this made me believe that what I could dream could potentially become something I could earn off from and that passion and remembering the promises you make or had made should be fulfilled.


I got to finish the collection without a very long delay, good job me! HAHAHA. Hopefully I get to do more of this and you find something you like or would like in this post. Good things are going to come this coming March! Let’s both hope that the things I planned would finally go through and hopefully be succesful.