We’re already in almost a couple of weeks into February and I until now, have not posted anything yet… I just wanted to be sure that when I do post something here; it’d be worth while to actually view a post. Anyways January has been one hell of a month; I’ve been planning somethings that might have already been posted such as That moment and out and in the open, portfolio projects are coming soon I really do just need the time to make them that’s all…


Anyways (again), here is the January Collection


Favourite post:

I personally don’t post a lot on this here site but I do write a lot, but sometimes I remember that there is going to be a fine line with sharing your life in online. Anyways the total number of posts for January have been three haha, the most and a good start for the year; My favorite post of all from January was That Moment.


Because it took a lot of courage and insanity (on my part) to do something that a lot of people have done. I wouldn’t want to give out too much information, because it might spoil the post completely. To know what I meant, you gotta give the post a view and all will be revealed… (that sounded like a line from a magic show)

Photo Collections:

I took A LOT of pictures during January, a lot of portraits. But the thing is, I rarely and I mean RARELY let people or ask people to take pictures if me; and that only happens when the person whom I’m going to ask is someone I know closely and or who actually knows what they’re doing. Because it is quite (very) annoying to take great pictures of them and what you get is not like that all… I only picked a few pictures because I would want to create a separate album for these pictures. If I really had the time and the right motivation, I would make them right away.

Here were some of the pictures from the recollection I had with my class:



SONY DSC                        Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


These were self portraits that I really liked, I edited them first in Lightroom to adjust the light and colour and then transferred them to VSCO to add flare and change the overall aesthetic of the photos. I might make a post about that soon? I don’t know; you guys could tell me if I should make one.

These were from an outing with the family, with just an iPhone, but the photos were only sent to VSCO because I didn’t want to hustle that much with editing that time.




I’ve been and I still am obsessed with a couple of artists, some are new and some; I have been listening for a while now… I would recommend you to listen to them; but I’d already think that maybe you already are? So maybe that’s where we’ll connect and fanboy/girl about next time? when I make a post with anything music related…

Zhavia from The Four

Her own style of music gives me goosebumps! she has this very powerful voice that reaches a lot of levels high or low, that girl can sing and to think that she’s JUST 16 years old…

Songs: Location (duhh), Killing Me Softly, (edit: Man Down, Bodak Yellow, Finesse)


I do think he’s going to stay, he has pretty fresh songs ( in my opinion ) he’s already going on tour and I really want to go to one of his tours one day. Be this fan who says I’m a big fan get a hug and take a picture.

Songs: I Like Me Better, Paris in the Rain, Easy Love

(Plus the blue things; Very aesthetically pleasing!)

Demi Lovato

I got pretty into her music for a while actually, her music really lifts my mood and send of a good FU to all the people I hate which makes  it very empowering to a lot of things that usually bores me like doing chores and going to the gym,

Songs: Confident, Sorry Not Sorry, Sexy Dirty Love


I also do love some weird sounding music, look before you say anything and ask why I call it weird is that for me; they kind if give that kind of aesthetic. Alien-ish vibes and that’s something I like, plus pretty chill vibes that I can always ride with…

Songs: Pink Skies, Super Far, So Soo Pretty and ILSYB (STRIPPED)

(stripped because that version gives the most chill vibes.)

Tv shows/ movies

So I just recently subscribes to Netflix and this time I’m impressed because they actually had good shows to watch, that instantly puts me off as a picky watcher; but I don’t mind. Because when I watch something I get bored easily so having a series/movie to watch that doesn’t bore me within the first 5 minutes if it’s a series and 10 if it’s a movie is. A BIG plus for me…

To The Bone

A movie that presents eating disorders how they affect the lives of the person and those around them, I recommend anyone who wants to know or at least have an idea what this actually does to a person. Because you can’t just tell a person something you think you know when you actually don’t.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sitcoms are usually my thing, because it lightens the mood a little and it makes me hope for the best in shows, I only recently liked the show when I saw it on tv; only then I remembered to actually search for it and watch all 4 seasons in two weeks, really hoping for that season 5 (please make that happen)


I guess this is the January collection, I hoped you like the brand new format and stuffsxc because I plan on this more and if you want to see something else you could message me and I’ll see if I have anything in that category.

(Edit: Finished this around 2.14 am, I am supposed to be tired but coffee turned to be my best friend at the moment)



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