The Huji collection

A trend for taking pictures with disposable cameras have now surfaced, an app named Huji or how I call it Huuuuuujjjiiiiii takes pictures with a retro kind effect which replicates the kind these cameras make without the wait for their development.

I’ve taken A LOT of pictures with this app but here are just some of what I really like… by the way this IS NOT sponsored I just really like the app



Taking shots with flash on sometimes enable different types of light leaks, but some appear the same so you have to use different strategies and or angles to produce your own unique light leaks..


I couldn’t find anyone who can take shots how I had envisioned them but here are just some mirror shots with the flash on…


And somehow out many pictures that have been taken I finally found out one I really liked.

2017-11-25 15:45:31.001

Me being me, I would’ve wanted it to be better as always; but I have to stick with what I’ve got. This was actually just from the mall, a merry-go-round was put in a middle of the mall and me and my friends had this great idea to ride it and if possible take pictures in a moving merry-go-round.

Anyway I would recommend everyone using the app,  it may not exactly replicate a disposable camera’s kind of shots but it’s nice to see something retro make a comeback in a more modern period of time.